High Quality / Handmade Product

Material: exotic wood or hardwood

width: 50mm | height: 20mm


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Not Available Colors:
550 – BMH, BOR, BZL, CZ, D, K, MHM, NZ, OC, S, SK, ZCP, ZCPI



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Standard Sizes

9.4×11.8" (24x30cm), 11.8×11.8" (30x30cm), 11.8×15.7" (30x40cm)(A3), 15.7×15.7" (40x40cm), 15.7×19.7" (40x50cm), 15.7×23.6" (40x60cm)(A2), 19.7×19.7" (50x50cm), 19.7×23.6" (50x60cm), 19.7×27.6" (50x70cm), 19.7×31.5" (50x80cm), 19.7×35.4" (50x90cm)